Taking Care of your Turf During Winter

Winter is a very delicate time for your turf, so it is important to make sure that you prepare your lawn in advance to prepare for winter. The best way to ensure that your turf survives during this time is to get quality turf in Oxford and make adequate preparations before snow covers your lawn completely. If you prepare your loan in advance, you will have very little to do during winter. It is always advisable to stay away from your lawn when it is covered with snow because at this time you might damage the turf.

Turf winter care tips

Clear and prepare in fall

Fall is the best time to prepare your turf for winter is during fall. At this time, make grasssure you prepare your grass lawn wall before you aren’t touching it in the next few months. There are few things you can do during this time, and they include collecting all the dead leaves that have accumulated.

Mowing, Aerating and collect anything lying on top of your grass. This will ensure that when the snow finally covers your grass lawn, you don’t have anything else lying on top of your grass causing more damage.

Trim and fertilize your grass before winter

In the last month before winter, make sure you keep your turf as short as possible before winter. It is not encouraged to keep long grass before winter as this may interfere with the future growth. Before your turf is covered with snow, the grass should be as short as possible.

Also, remember to fertilize your grass in the last month before winter. Fertilization at this time is important to allow the grass to retain the fertilizer. If you put your fertilizer at this time, it will be able to serve the grass for the whole winter period.

Avoid walking on the snow

Once winter kiwhole lawncks in and covers the whole lawn, there is so little you can do to protect your grass. All you have to do is wait until winter ends so that you can go back to taking care of your lawn. Avoid activities like walking on top of the snow. Walking on top of your grass lawn during winter damages your lawn and breaks the grass growth.

If you must remove anything from your grass lawn during winter, walk on the sidewalks and avoid walking in the middle of the grass. The grass is usually safe during winter as long as you did the adequate preparations, there is no need to worry.

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