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The ultimate website redesign guide

The feeling is usually amazing when one decides on going for the complete website launch and redesign. When it is not done correctly, one runs to common issues which unsatisfactory results are achieved in the process. A person should have a redesign checklist at all times. The verification’s possibilities are provided by the checklists, and a higher degree of performance is achieved. It is an easy task to follow a checklist since it aids in keeping the development team, web design and one’s marketing on the same page. The following is the checklist an individual should follow before his or her next website redesign;

Every person should be on the same page


When a website is being redesigned, it involves a group of workers working together. Teamwork is the only key to developing a successful website in the long run. The website objectives and goals should be redefined. The firm’s development and web design team should be conveyed the correct information which is to be included on the site. When communication is effective, the defined proposal will run smoothly in the process.

SEO metrics of website should be benchmarked

The SEO metrics should be documented before proceeding to the next stage. It is advantageous to a person when pre-data design and post-data design are compared. Domain authority, keyword ranking, number of indexed pages and each page authority should be documented. The bounce rate, number of goals, high traffic pages, number of visits and most viewed contents must be recorded.

Site resources and old pages’ backup must be stored

The old site of the firm must be backed up by the development and web design team. The website of the organization can be downloaded by using tools such as webzip and httrack. In cases of things go bad; backup helps a person to commence from where he or she started.

Content checklist

The content checklist on the website includes page content, description, title attribute plus image alt tags and H1 and various heading tags. The content on each page should not be changed. The SEO value is usually lost when one decides to move the pages on the website. One is advised to consider upgrading the content with appropriate phrases. In the process, the rankings in the search will significantly be improved.

301 redirection strategy

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For the pages, a 301 redirection strategy should be mapped. The new and old URLs should be kept side by side carefully. To minimize errors on the site, go through it more than once. The pages which should be removed permanently should be decided on.


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