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Choosing the Right Table Tennis Table

Buying a sturdy table tennis table is a good investment decision. A good table not only offers amazing health benefits to the players but it is also a prerequisite for an unmatched gaming experience. Well, if you are out looking for a durable unit, it is advisable to look at table tennis tables compared for home use or outdoor applications. From the variety you will see, you will realize there are features available in some models that are conspicuously absent in others. As such, here are some important factors you should consider when shopping for a good table tennis table.

Area of Applicationtable tennis

Table tennis tables are majorly classified as either outdoor or indoor. There are subtle differences between these tables that make each ideal for a distinct area of use. Notably, tables made for outdoor applications are made from strong and durable materials that do wrap easily when exposed to different weather extremes. This consideration is important even when buying indoor tables considering that the table might be moved outside when not in use.

Indoor tables are made from quality materials that are not as strong as those used to make outdoor tables. In this regard, these tables might be used in outdoor gaming. However, you should always remember taking them back indoors once you are done playing as leaving them in the sun or rain might affect the playing surface over time.

Types of Indoor Tennis Tables

Conversion Kit

This type is a good option for people with large flat tables or surfaces. With it, you can convert any table into a playing ground by unfolding it and adding a net. This table can be folded once you are done playing for easy storage.

Mini Tables

These table tennis are relatively small. However, you can always find minor variations of these tables depending on what exactly you want in a tennis table. These tables can be a great addition for individuals with small children.

Mini TablesWell, many other considerations you should make when buying a table tennis table. Most importantly, you should look at the possibility of buying either fixed or foldable table. A unit that can be folded and stored away is good for individuals with space constraints.

Moreover, the thickness of the table is also another important consideration. Season table tennis players understand that a solid table offers an unmatched playing experience. For starters thickness of 10-12 mm might be just fine. However, for serious players, a table with a thickness of at least 25 mm should be sufficient.

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