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Sterling Silver Rings For Women

Nowadays, there are several types of sterling silver rings for men and women on the market. Rings, which are designed for women are luxurious and provide both beauty and quality to the person who adorns
herself with them. From history, the majority of the people consider appearance as the main priority. To complement with the overall appearance, they turn to accessories. Fortunately, most women have found sterling rings to offer the looks, which they desire. However, they need to be of high quality and durable.rings

In this post, you are introduced to the beauty and quality associated with the sterling rings for women. It is possible to evaluate rings, which are designed for women. You will discover that the elegance associated with them starts from natural luster. First,they are sleek in design and shiny. You will find most of these pieces incorporating gemstones. On the other hand, there are others that exhibit sterling silver metal.

No matter whether gemstones are used or not, rings that are made of sterling silver are highly regarded among women. Moreover, they are treasured when they are received as gifts. The silver metal is favored by women across the world for many centuries. Also, it is expected to continue being a favorite for many years to come.

Why sterling rings?

Although various types of metals are used in the manufacture of rings – both precious and standard. It has been found out that most women prefer sterling rings to others. For instance, this type of ring is quite popular and exhibits quality and beauty. Thus, if you are on a budget and cannot afford precious metals such as gold, these types of rings are the best alternative. They are elegantly designed to display appeal and class, no matter the finger they are on.

Other than exhibiting beauty and appeal, they are highly durable and can last for many years. The main reason for this is because silver is quite strong.


There are many types of sterling silver rings currently on the market. You are free to choose rings, whiboxch include an assortment of stones, or different types of designs and engraving. It is possible to choose from the solid bands, which are plain in nature. Have a look at sterling silver rings wholesale and see how much you can save by buying these units in bulk. No matter types of sterling, which you decide to buy, you can not they compliment all outfits, hairstyles, and are beautiful. You can use these gorgeous rings to augment different styles with class, elegance, and luxury. Also, you can wear these sterling rings whether you are dressed down or dressed up and for any particular occasion.

How to make vaseline lip gloss

If you are cautious about what you apply on your lips and you are concerned about the many additives and preservatives being used in today’s cosmetics, making your own lip gloss is the best solution.

Maybe you would like to save money or you cannot get a lip gloss tat suits you best, you can make your own using Vaseline and other simple and easily available ingredients like drink mix and eye shadow.

Lip gloss made from Vaseline petroleum jelly is soothing and moisturizing, it prevents cracking and softens the lips.

You should use clean containers to prepare and store the lip gloss, if you reuse previous lip gloss tins, ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly before reuse.

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· How to make Vaseline lip gloss using drink mix

Place about 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of Vaseline in a small microwave safe container.

This is just enough for one flavor or color, if you want to make more flavors, then you should make different batches of the same amount.

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds then use a spoon to stir.

The heated Vaseline should be smooth and clear with no clumps or lumps.

In case the Vaseline does not melt in the first 30 seconds, put it back in the microwave for another 15 seconds or until it is fully melted and stir again.

Mix it with a packet of drink mix of your choice

The more drink mix you use, the darker the color and the stronger the flavor will be.

You can use the mix of your choice or even mix different drinks to get a unique flavor.

However, be mindful of the colors.

Now pour the mixture in a small, clean container and if you do not have one, you can buy from a paint store near you.

You can also clean the previous lip gloss containers and use them.

Allow the mixture to cool before applying it on your lips. To make it cool faster, you can put it in the fridge. The lip gloss hardens as it cools.

Use a finger or q-tip to apply it.

· How to make Vaseline lip gloss using eye-shadow

vaseline lip glossPut 30 grams of Vaseline petroleum jelly in a bowl

Find powdered eye shadow or scrape some using a toothpick and crush into a fine powder using a spoon.

Ensure that it does not have lumps or the lip gloss will be grainy.

Using a toothpick or a chopstick, stir the eye shadow in the Vaseline using until it is combined evenly.

Once you get the texture and color you like, transfer it into a small container and allow it to harden then apply on your lips.

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