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Tips on How To Select the Best Accounting Firm

An accountant can be described as a professional whose area of expertise lies in preparing and examining financial records. They make sure that all financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid as per the legal specifications and on time. Large organizations usually have an in-house accountant or in some instances an entire accounting department. For small businesses, employing an accountant full time is not considered as being practical and as a result, most small businesses usually opt to acquire the services of accountants in Chicago when the need arises. For small business owners in Chicago, the following overview of factors to consider when selecting an accounting firm or might come in handy when sourcing for accounting services

Factors to Consider

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The area of specialty of an accountant or accounting is one of the most important factors to be consider when outsourcing accounting services. To provide quality services, most accountants tend to specialize in a few business areas. As such, it would be in your best interest to go for an accountant whose area of specialty falls within your scope


Certification is also vital when selecting an accountant. There are many certifications in the accounting field. To practice, one is expected to register with professional bodies like CPA. To get the best service, ensure that the accountant you go for has the necessary professional qualifications and certifications

Level of Service

As a norm, most accounting firms have different levels of service professionals. An accounting firm can have specially trained bookkeepers, tax specialists, and full CPA accountant. A company that does not have a trained auditor will charge more if a CPA accountant does the bookkeeping. As such, ensure you go for a firm that has different level of service professionals


calculatorYou most likely have a budget and wish to remain within your budget. Accounting fees vary from one accountant to another. Some companies use hourly rates while others charge by the nature of task performed: such as filing of 1040 income tax forms. As a rule, you should carry out a cost analysis of some few companies before settling for the most cost effective solution

By considering the above factors on how to select the best accountants in Chicago, you are assured of getting the best quality of service for your accounting needs